Handcrafted Sounds for Premium Productions

About Us

We are a Helsinki-based company that specialises in making original music and audio for film and television productions, games and commercials. With a big heart.

Genres & Styles

From shorter commercial to a feature film soundtrack and sound branding, we create customized soundscapes for your needs. Our musicians and sound designers produce the highest quality audio and music of any genres and styles.

Production Values

Expertise in the use of real instruments and the latest technology with professional composers and innovators, your production will stand out by sounding memorable, authentic and one of a kind.

Selected Projects

The Law of Nature
Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
Music by Aleksi Ranta

The Baroness – Isak Dinesen´s Final Affair
Original Theater Score, New York

Sample from a 1.5 hour long sound design for Alko´s nostalgic store in Töölö, Helsinki.

Music and sound design for Visit Finland/Hungry for Finland promotional video.

Music and sound design for FGI corporate video.

Catchy commercial song for Folklore Festival Jutajaiset in Rovaniemi.

Sample from a 15-minute original music and sound design for HopLop´s Pirate Birthday room.

Sample from a 1,5-hour long sound design for Jolie Organic Health & Beauty Spa.

Selected songs from the short film Mercy All the Way – Säälistäjät soundtrack.

Music and sound design for The University of Vaasa.

Aleksi Ranta Group – Where We Belong jazz album teaser.

Music and sound design for Vaasa University of Applied Sciences.

Sample from a 15-minute original music and sound design for HopLop´s Space Birthday room.

Soundscape made for French-Israeli film maker Tamara Erde´s photo exhibition.

Music and sound design for The Story of Finlandia Hall promotional video.

Radio commercial for Sata-Häme Soi Festival / Järviradio.

Aleksi Ranta Group – Capricorn Hill jazz album teaser.

Music and sound design for The University of Vaasa.



Aleksi Ranta – musician, composer, CEO
Aleksi is a professional musician, composer and teacher working in Europe and the US. He is known for his diverse compositions for bands, feature films and audiovisual productions. By combining traditional songwriting and experimental sounds, he creates strong melodies and musical storytelling.


Perttu Saarela – COO, Producer
Perttu makes stuff happen. He is a producer with a strong background in Music and Videogames Audio. Whether Europe, Asia or Americas, he will find the team, the voice and the sound just right for the crowd.


Lauri Wuolio – sound artist, concept designer, percussionist
Lauri is a sound artist focusing on art and content design, experimental sound production and live performance. With a professional background in both visual and sonic arts his approach to music and sound is often unconventional, yet conscious of various traditions, contexts and genres.


Dimitri Paile – recordist, designer, composer
Dimitri is experienced in audio work for TV, theatre and new media. He has produced top quality audio for Finland’s most popular TV shows, worked with acclaimed theatre directors and choreographers, and gladly composes music for digital and broadcast media.


Aki Päivärinne – sound designer, musician
Aki has been working as a freelancer since 2006. His recent projects include both artistic and commercial productions, from theme park audio design to contemporary dance production and interactive sound installations.


Janne Koivisto – consultant, Lapland producer
Janne is a director, producer and a DJ based in Rovaniemi, Lapland. He has a diverse background in the audiovisual productions in both directing and producing. Janne is experienced in curating movies from commercials to films and strong expertise in screenings and events in Finland and abroad.